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The Best Effective Way To Learn A New Technology In The Information Age

In my today’s blog post, I am going to show you the best technique you can use to learn any technology of your choice.

I employed this strategy and it has been of great help to me in learning any technology I want to. I could code in over fifty (50) computer programming language at an intermediate level and have moved about five (5) of them to an expert level through continuous practice.

From your experience, I could tell that you may have encountered a lot of difficulties to learn new technology because you can’t tell for sure were to start and you must have been jumping from one technique to another and from one-course instructor to another.

This approach is very frustrating. Take a little moment and think back on what happened when you tried to learn that new technology.

Did you think strategically to know if learning that new technology justified the effort of learning it?

Did you take the time to plan out your study of that new technology or did you just grab whatever you could find?

How far were you able to go when you started learning that new technology?

The Information Revolution

The information revolution is no longer a hidden secret. New technologies come out almost on a daily bases. from the invention of electronic machines to the upgrading of versions of different computer programming languages.

It started with the invention of agriculture to the invention of the printing press to the industrial revolution to the discovery of electricity and now we are in the information revolution.

The implications of this information revolution are that humans can communicate with virtually anybody at zero cost and every human on earth have access to virtually any knowledge on earth.

One of the consequences or effects of the information revolution is that knowledge is now very cheap. One could find any information they seek n search engines like Google or Bing

Our society no longer cares about what you know, they care about what you can do. Skills have become the primary focus when learning new technology. it is not enough to gain knowledge of the new technology, you also have to put it into good use.

Understanding and adopting the best learning path

You may have observed that when you are learning a new technology, it appears as if you can never learn enough. Take for instance you download a video tutorial that teaches you a new technology. By the time you are done with watching that tutorial, you may be congratulating yourself that you are now an expert in that new technology not knowing that the creators or that new technology will be releasing a new version that is completely different from the one you just learned.

This alone could be very frustrating because you invested a lot of time in learning that technology and the creators of that technology are coming out with a new version that may be completely different from the one you just learned, so you are then forced to start learning the new technology.

Trying to learning a new technology by watching video tutorials and attempting to move from beginner to expert is not the best approach to learning new technology.

To learn new technology effectively, you have to look at it in these four tracks. They have proven over time to be an effective learning process.

a. Fundamentals

At this level, you learn the fundamentals that are related to the technology you are interested in. It is where you learn the basic literacy of the language. You learn the basic concepts behind the technology. This is where you try to know the specific keywords that are unique to technology. You also learn the words that are used in context as it relates to the new technology.

The wonderful thing about starting to learn a new technology is that the concepts you learn at this stage are widely applicable within that technology domain.

Another thing is that the concepts that you learned rarely become obsolete and will stick with you for a lifetime.

However, the fundamental concepts of technology can be very complex and difficult to learn. You may have to learn in it using many approaches before the fundamental concepts will sticks. Once it sticks, it will last for a lifetime.

Take, for example, learning the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

b. Information

This is where you gain the information specific to the implementation of the technology. At this point, you implement the fundamental concepts you’ve learned to the specific technology you are learning.

Starting to learn a new technology from the information track will make the information gained to become obsolete once new versions of the technology are created. The best approach is to start gaining information about the new technology once you have mastered the various fundamental concepts of the new technology.

Take, for example, you may begin to learn how to apply OOP to the specific technology you are learning.

c. Skills

At this level, you are trying to put what you’ve learned into practice. But starting out from this track is very bad. Sadly some of us do. Once you are watching a video tutorial and are following the instructor as the direct, we will gain the skill but miss out on important fundamentals and information that will prove useful later on.

Most of the time the instructor on the video tutorial will be teaching us the skills based on a particular version of the technology we want to learn. But once we have full knowledge of the fundamentals, we could scale through whenever we encounter difficulties.

d. Innovation

At this level, you can now be creative on how to use the technology you have learned. You have access to enough information on how to use and implement the technology you learned at an expert level.



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